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Why Study Abroad?

The Silk Road, ancient dynasty temples, Tiananmen Square, traditional theatre, and world-renowned cuisine are just some of the reasons that make China a historically fascinating and socially engaging study abroad destination.

China’s 6,000 year-old civilization is one of the oldest in the world. In China, you will have the chance to learn about history first-hand as you explore such famous and breath-taking sites as the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace, and X’ian’s underground army of terra cotta soldiers. Students of history, architecture, religion, and archeology will find that China possess a wealth of artifacts to study and explore.

As a study abroad student in China, you have the opportunity to admire Chinese traditions in painting, participate in tai chi aerobics, and appreciate the natural beauty of the Yangtze River, rural countryside, and bamboo forests of the panda. Such traditional arts and natural wonders will be of particular interest to study abroad students in the fields of art history, medicine, ecology, zoology, agricultural economics, and botany.

While Beijing’s treasures may be centuries-old, and modern conveniences have yet to reach traditional farming villages, Shanghai proves to be a city of skyscrapers and nightlife. Hong Kong also provides a face-paced consumer environment for keeping up with the latest trends. Business students and computer engineers, as well as those interested in the tourism or fashion industries, will gain valuable experience while working in China’s big cities.

China is a dominant economic and world power. With its influence over the other Pacific Rim economies, China affords study abroad students the opportunity to collaborate to form international business partnerships. China also has a lot to offer those who aren’t interested in the trade of goods and services, but rather in the trade of information and knowledge. English teachers are in high demand in China, and study abroad students have a chance to visit and volunteer in local schools to establish potential teaching contacts for themselves in the future.

Whether your desire is to participate in Chinese New Year while feasting on world famous Cantonese cooking, or perform relaxing tai chi in a park in the middle of a city that’s anything but relaxing, or establish business and teaching contacts for future employment, China is waiting for you!

Read on – Why Study Abroad and find answers how study abroad can affect your personal growth and career path.

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