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Belize is located on the Caribbean coast between Mexico and Guatemala. English is the national language, although indigenous languages are widely spoken as well, offering a blend of cultural experiences. Belize also features a landscape of lush tropical forests filled with gloriously ancient Mayan temples. The country has much to offer as great destination for both education and adventure.

Belize was home to members of the Mayan civilization, which stretched across much of what is now Central America and flourished for thousands of years. Belize is now a treasure trove of ancient Mayan temples, towns and cities. The Maya were known for elaborate and decorated architecture, including temple-pyramids and palaces. The Belizean Maya were also talented weavers and potters, and cleared routes through jungles and swamps to foster extensive trade networks with distant peoples. Students have a great opportunity to study in archaeology and anthropology classes that focus on the fascinating Mayan ruins or Mayan people.

When the first Europeans arrived in the 16th century, the Mayans were in decline, allowing the Europeans to claim the land. The Spanish used Belize for logging for many years until the British took control of the country in 1798, after which Belize became known as British Honduras. The country officially gained independence in 1981. Today Belize is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy that recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as the chief of state although that power truly belongs to Belize's prime minister.

Belize is also a great destination due to its beautiful beaches, warm climate, and tropical jungles. These natural resources enable Belize to have opportunities for students interested in a variety of subjects including natural ecology, environmental science, and sustainable development. Marine biology students can explore the extensive coral reefs and marine diversity. Belize's unique blend of cultures also makes it an excellent place to study anthropology and sociology, while its economic challenges make it an interesting place for students of business.

From its unique history to the Mayan ruins, along with the coral reefs and forests, Belize is an excellent country for all students to learn, explore and experience.

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